Zeno truly sets itself apart from the rest of the CAD/CAM systems being offered today. It has the ability to mill up to 14 unit zirconia bridges making it one of a kind.

Clinicians can now comfortably prescribe metal-free full mouth reconstruction cases with the same strength as a high noble alloy.

Zeno Facts:

  • Single units to 14 unit bridges
  • Indicated for implants
  • Eliminates gray line margins
  • Ideal for all positions in the mouth
  • Highly Biocompatible
  • Strengths comparable to a PFM
  • Conventional cementation
  • 5 year warranty

Zeno Computer Design and Millwork Station

Zeno 110mm Blocks for Fabrication of Zirconia Bridgework Close-up of 12 Unit Zeno Frame
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