Laboratory Solutions is
an extension of your business.
As your outsource partner, we are dedicated to providing the frameworks for the CAD/CAM products so highly preferred, but also the specialized porcelain training necessary to make these products a success for your lab.

Laboratory Solutions is the first
3M/ESPE Lava Milling Center
on the East Coast.

When your Laboratory is unable to offer key accounts the latest in aesthetic alternatives, your account may look for those products elsewhere. That’s when Laboratory Solutions can help.

Laboratory Solutions provides a variety of products to expand your business.
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Besides satisfying your accounts’ needs for their demanding patients, Laboratory Solutions offers your Laboratory a complete benefit package:

Benefits of using Laboratory Solutions:

  • We keep You on the cutting edge of the dental marketplace without you purchasing expensive equipment.

  • You maintain control by providing us the model work and trimmed dies.
    Your artistry ultimately finishes the restoration in the style your accounts are accustomed to.

  • Retain and acquire business by offering expanded services.

  • Over 25 years of proven clinical success means you can trust Laboratory Solutions.

Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL)

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