CAD / CAM Custom Abutments

We uses a variety of implant systems to scan and design custom abutments. Using these systems allows us to match the appropriate abutments to your implants in order to retain your warranty. Manufacturers require their abutments to be placed on their implants.

Biomet 3i Encode Complete
We have the ability to design our own patient-specific Biomet 3i Abutments with our 3 Shape abutment design software giving us full control over the implant abutment design. We then email the file to Biomet 3i where the abutment is milled on their 5-axis milling machines. Our technicians then fabricate your prosthetic as per your prescription.


Nobel Biocare Procera
Nobel Procera offers a broad range of prosthetic restorations for all indications and clinical requirements. These include: screw or cement-retained solutions for a single and multiple-unit restorations at abutment or implant level. Nobel Procera CAD/CAM abutments are individually designed in their proprietary 3D software, allowing our technician to achieve unlimited emergence profile designs resulting in a superior prosthetic.

Nobel Procera Abutment Titanium

This abutment is milled out of a monolithic block of grade 2 or 5 surgical Titanium. These abutments are suitable for all indications.

Nobel Procera Abutment Zirconia
This abutment is ideal for anterior implant cases where maximum esthetic are required. Having a shaded framework greatly increases the chances of creating natural-looking restorations matching neighboring dentition. Moreover, the highly biocompatibility zirconia reduces bacteria surface adhesion. Nobel Procera uses an innovative coloring technique that ensures consistent color throughout. Their abutments are available in four shades.

For added peace of mind every Nobel Procera abutment is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.


Astra Tech Atlantis
Atlantis™ is the leading CAD/CAM solution in the USA for patient-specific, cement-retained abutments. The patented Atlantis VAD™ (Virtual Abutment Design) software provides unlimited possibilities and patient-specific solutions for single, multiple and full-arch indications.

Atlantis™ Abutment in Zirconia - White and Shaded
The Atlantis abutment in zirconia is one of the few all-zirconia, engineered solutions currently on the market. Made of Y TZP (yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals), these abutments are milled from a solid zirconia blank for unmatched strength and durability, color consistency, excellent biocompatibility and reduced plaque build-up in comparison to titanium. For increased flexibility, options of white and shaded zirconia are available. The shaded zirconia material option is natural tooth-like in color and especially ideal for cases with thin gingival tissue or where soft tissue migration occurs.

Atlantis™ abutment in titanium
Atlantis™ abutments are among the very first CAD/CAM titanium abutments to be anatomically designed and produced for each specific patient and indication. The abutments are milled from titanium alloy blanks.

Atlantis™ Abutment is available for all major systems such as Astra Tech, Biomet 3i, Nobel Biocare and Straumann and many more.

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